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A Nature Chapel 
Style Greenhouse

in Franklin, Tennessee

NunaVeda Greenhouse is a beautiful custom made nature chapel in Franklin, TN.

Here at NunaVeda Farm we grow herbs and make herbal products such as teas, salves, tinctures and more. We raise Silkie and Polish chickens too!

The greenhouse is available to rent for photo and video shoots as well as romantic picnic proposals, small elopements and more.

Designed by Artist and Creative Director Meghan Aileen.

This unique place is conveniently located between Franklin, TN and Nashville, TN and features stained glass windows, antique elements, rustic natural decor and an open field with wide plank farm fencing and nearby creek.

The Plants

NunaVeda Greenhouse grows a variety of tropical and perennial house plants and herbs. Designer Meghan Aileen can also help create a beautiful installation of nature in your home with the plants we grow here.

The greenhouse is designed to work with nature and the seasons. It is filled with different plants depending on the time of year. In the summer we have more tropical plants and herbs and in the winter there is more evergreens and dried grasses and flowers.


Meet the Chickens

Here at NunaVeda Farm we have Silkie and Polish chickens in a variety of colors. The mix of the two breeds creates really fun chickens with unique characteristics.


Expect some crested heads, feathered feet and some could be frizzle too! We have Tolbunt hens and a Tolbunt rooster, Buff Laced hens, and a White-Crested Grey hen.


For Silkies we have a red rooster, blue partridge frizzle rooster, white, blue cream, and cuckoo hens. The hatching eggs will be a mix of all of these.

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