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The Plants

NunaVeda Greenhouse grows a variety of tropical and perennial house plants and herbs. Designer Meghan Aileen can also help created a beautiful installation of nature in your home with the plants we grow here.


At NunaVeda Farm we are growing Calendula flowers which is an incredible medicinal herb that can be used in teas, salves, tinctures and more. We also grow dandelion, purple dead nettle, basil, oregano, lemon balm and rosemary.

Meghan Aileen has studied herbalism extensively and will be offering classes soon.

We hope to be hosting sales events regularly soon so stay tuned!

CeeCee Silkie Coaster.jpg
CeeCee Silkie Coaster.jpg


At NunaVeda Farm we raise Silkie chickens and Polish chickens. We sell hatching eggs for these two beautiful and unique breeds to locals in the Nashville and Franklin, TN area.

Our Silkie colors we have are cuckoo, white, buff and we soon will have partridge.

For Polish we have Tolbunt, Buff Laced, and White Crested Grey Polish chickens.

Our eggs are a cross of all these colors and breeds which creates an interesting fun combination!

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