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Managing stress can be difficult in today's world. Finding a few minutes to meditate or exercise can do wonders for our nervous systems. Eating a clean diet of whole organic foods and limiting inflammatory foods such as sugar, gluten and dairy can help yourbody heal. While stimulents are tempting for an exhausted person they do tend to make the symptoms worse.


Take 10-20 drops as needed 1-2 times per day. Restorative herbs such as Nettles and Oat Straw are most effective over time. 


*Statements not evaluated by the FDA. Not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any disease. Consult your physician before use especially if you have any existing conditions or are taking any prescription medications.





Calm and Cool Tincture Nervous System Support

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Expected to ship July 25th 2023

    This tincture is meant to offer your nervous system support. Lemon Balm is a nervine that is cooling and calming to the nervous system and is used for nervous exhaustion, gloom, and restlessness. Lavender is calming and relaxing to the nervous system. Nettles is highly nutritive and restoring which is important for a depleted system due to stress. Oat Straw is also restorative to the nervous system and has a soothing, calming action. It can help reduce fatigue and support nerve functioning over time. This combination is great for highly stressed individuals that tend to overwork themselves and feel an underlying sense of anxiety regularly needing caffiene to keep going.


    Take 10-20 drops at bedtime or as needed during times of extreme stress. Consult your physician before use especially if you have any existing conditions, including kidney disorders, or are taking any prescriptions. Do not take if pregnant or nursing without your doctor's permission. 

  • Tinctures are concentrated liquid herbal extracts made from various parts of plants and used as herbal medicine using alcohol and water as a solvent to extract the medicinal constituents.

    The alcohol extracts active nutrients and properties from plants to form a concentrated liquid.

    The process allows for a greater part of the whole plant to be extracted and also preserves the medicine for much longer use. 

    Taking the tincture by placing drops under your tongue and holding it for 20-60 seconds allows it to be more easily absorbed into the bloodstream. 

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